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our registry.
more information will be posted soon. promise.

we're engaged!
we're getting married april 17,2010
in the san diego lds temple
at 11:00am.

to sum it up.
kate and garrett.
once upon a time we met.
we were 18 years old
and living completely different lives.
but we both drove jettas.
and we both loved music.
and that was enough for a friendship to be instantly formed.
and after a couple weeks it was enough for a kiss to take place.
an epic kiss.
a movie script kiss.
the friendship grew.
baking mishaps and long drives and squirrel traps.
we spent the next two years as far away from each other
as geographically possible.
Perth, Australia.
it was a long two years.
letters and packages and christmas phone calls.
it was rough.
it was daunting at times.
but two years came to an end.
a perfect hug.
a long awaited conversation.
we went out on a limb.
we fell in love again.
everything was finally falling into place.
three years of wondering and waiting finally came to an end.
and now we're here.
we're getting married!
we're happy.
we're lucky.
we're blessed.
we're together.
and this is our blog.
to remember everything we can.
to fill everyone in on our relationship.
and to document this amazing part of our life.
the end..
[for now]

this is us.
<Photobucketso happy together.

about us:
garre-november 17,1987
kate-april 5,1988
garre-palm springs, california.
garre-wakeboarding, drums, skating..sort of...various dangerous activities, guitar hero and all things boy.
kate-cosmetology[hair and makeup],scrapbooking, napping, quoting movies and doodling. sometimes i like to dance around my apartment to michael jackson.
we're done.

kate-french fries.
[we're so classy and mature.]
kate-aqua blue.
garre-kelly green.
garre-baseball? i guess?
sweet taste:
kate-gummy worms

we're unique. this is why.

weird quirks:
garre-a mild case of OCD when it comes to putting things in my pockets. everything has to be organized and placed just right.
kate-an abnormal and seriously strange love for popping zits.
garre-music,hand sanitizer,kate,and the iphone,
kate-lip gloss,music,sonic drinks,the boy,jeans and cheese.
the classic desert island question:
garre-nail clippers, ipod and a motorcycle...[weird kid]
kate-a swim suit,a camera and a cruise ship [complete with crew and captain].

if our lives had a soundtrack, what would play to represent our relationship?
garre- must have done something right by relient k
kate-skyway avenue by we the kings
biggest fear:
kate-the dark. and streptococcus.
favorite thing about the other half:
garre: her eyes and her sarcasm.
kate-his monkey hugs and his heart of gold.

pictures and jams.


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this must be love.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

annnnnnnnnd we're back.

we were gone for some time but we're back now.


we took our engagement pictures.

we moved back to provo and garrett is here now.

we've started our online registry.

it's not finished just yet, but you can see it by going to our online registry.

we got a pet hamster. his name is einstein.

and our latest update and exciting news is that we found a home!

it's in Springville, Ut and it's a cute, little cottage with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

we love it and we're so excited to live there.

maybe we'll be able to put some pictures on here...if we can get them.

but until then that's our update.

we always have exciting things going on. maybe i'll start pulling out my camera and documenting them..

82 more days until we're married!!<3

Monday, November 16, 2009

happy birthday, garrett wessman.

twenty two years ago you were born.

and even though i was not yet born when you were,

i've decided that november 17, 1987 was the best day for my life.

because i sort of really love you many.

and i'm sort of really grateful that you were born.

i wish i could be with you on your birthday.

but guess what!

we have lots and lots and many, many more years to spend with each other.

and i don't plan on being absent for any of them.


and since i can't say it to your face, i'll say it on here for everyone to read:

i love you a lot.

and you've changed my life.

and i am so happy...so very, very happy to know that i get to marry you.

for forever.

maybe next year we can play laser tag and eat at ihop for your 23rd birthday.

just for old times sake?

thanks for inviting me to your birthday party that year.

it changed everything.

you know that, right?

hope so. 'cause it's true.

i love you so much, garre.

so so so so much.

have an amazing birthday, okay?

in one week i'll give you the birthday smooch you deserve. :]

love you always,


[we've come so far since that day. and i thought i loved you then.]

Friday, November 13, 2009

hello hello.

i've been working on this blasted blog for so long and i just now got it done.
there's not much to report on or say at this point. eventually i'll have cute little posts and stories to share, but for right now this is just a tester.
garrett just went to bed.
and i'm going to do the same.

love much,